Chris Jericho and Sebastian Bach is the Twitter feud that makes sense in 2020.

When he's not beating up Orange Cassidy or talking about ratings, Jericho is fronting Fozzy and jamming to Judas. Bach is best known as the lead singer of Skid Row.

The beef between the two singers started innocently enough as one fan pointed out that Jericho, 49, has started to look like Bach, 52. Jericho took it as a compliment, noting that sexy beasts flock together.

It was also noted to Bach that he sounds like Luke Gallows when he speaks. Still, an innocent enough compliment, though Bach seemed to grow angry over the wrestling comparisons.

And then, all hell broke loose.

First Mike Tyson, now Sebastian Bach. If Corey Feldman isn't careful, he might find himself getting into an acting challenge against Jericho.

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