Chris Jericho Gives His Theory On How The AEW World Title Was Stolen

Days after he became the first-ever AEW World Champion at AEW All Out, it was reported the title had been stolen from Jericho's possession. The belt was stolen while Jericho was at a Longhorn Steakhouse in Florida and turned into an angle, with Jericho launching a worldwide investigation.

Speaking on Talk is Jericho, Jericho took fans back to September when discussing the case of the missing title.

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Jericho began by noting that he used Mike's Limo Service in Tallahassee. And things started to get weird immediately when the driver showed up.

"The guy shows up and we put the bags in the back. When I put the title into the back of the SUV, it was on its own, but I put it there. And nobody knows what's in this silver bag. All you see is a sack. As we're getting ready to leave, I was getting hungry and I said 'lets go to Outback.' There's an Outback kind of near, but [the driver] says 'Lets just go to Longhorn, it's closer to where we need to go.' I put it in my GPS and it was a little closer," recalled Jericho.

Jericho sounded skeptical of going to Longhorn instead of Outback, but eventually decided it didn't matter. But once inside the Longhorn, the weirdness didn't stop.

"The driver comes in, goes to the front door and is walking around the restaurant. He wanders over to our table and goes, 'I wanted to check your address. Is that a residence or apartment?' It's a residence, but what difference does it make? He says he was just checking. And then he walks out. I thought, 'That's, peculiar. Why would he walk in, wander around for five minutes, and ask me an irrelevant question about where we're going and then walk out?' Almost like he was stalling?' He comes in again, about 20 minutes after that, and goes 'Your title belt is missing.' First of all, how did he know it was a title belt?"

After yelling at the driver outside over the title going missing and noting that the flowers he bought for his wife had been knocked over, Jericho was told that there was possibly security footage of what happened. He also But that didn't stop Jericho from giving his own theory.

"I started thinking, we get into the car and the guy, maybe some kind of trafficking guy, maybe they run some kind of racket where they steal things out of the backs of limos. I'm thinking the guy said to how contact 'meet me in the parking lot of Longhorn, I'll leave the car, I'll walk inside, you go in the back and see what you can find.' That's what I think happened. When the guy walked inside to kill time, I think his partner pulled up, opened the back of the limo, the flowers fell out, he panicked, and grabbed the title belt. I can't prove any of that, but it seems as logical as the rest of this storyline. I'm thinking, what an idiot. If you're going to have somebody steal the title, don't say anything about it. If your job is to drive me back to Tampa, I might not even remember that the title was in there. And by the time we get back, it's too late. There are no clues at all," he said

The title eventually showed up....on the side of the road in Florida. A man found the title on the side of the road and listed it on Craigslist before being alerted that the belt was missing. Even this story gave Jericho pause.

"How many times have you guys been driving and you see something on the side of the road? Would you ever think of pulling over, picking up, and putting it in your car? The bag was scuffed up. It's a velvet bag. How do you scuff up velvet? Let's say you're going to pull over and you do decide to pick up this scuffed up velvet bag, but it contains something heavy. You're not going to look at it until you get home? If you're going out of your way to stop on the side of the road, pick up a bag, you're going to do what every single human being on the planet would do if you're stupid and curious enough to pick up a bag on the side of the road. You're going to look at it. But they waited until they got home because if though they are cleaning up the streets, they are also very patient. Then, HE TAKES A PICTURE WITH THE BELT ON! How do you Google a solid object? Did she Google 'championship belts in wrestling.' I don't know if we have any knock-offs for sale, especially one week after we announced it," said Jericho.

Not only did the fan take pictures with the title, but the Tallahassee police department took photos with the title as well. Eventually, the title ended up back in Jericho's possession as he declared that he regained the title all on his own.

Jericho recently lost the AEW World Title again when he was pinned by Jon Moxley at AEW Revolution.

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