Chris Jericho Helps With Prom-posal (VIDEO)

If you need another reason why Chris Jericho is just the greatest dude ever, check this out.

A young fan tweeted at him that she wanted his help with a Prom-posal.

Jericho did see it, and he was ready to help in any way he could.

Chris could have called her boyfriend a "Stupid Idiot," or told him that if he didn't take her to prom he was going to get ....................... IT!

But instead, he did this:

Hey Jacob....Sommer wants u to go to the prom with her! #whatsyouranswer #dontbeastupididiot #sayyes

A video posted by Chris Jericho (@chrisjerichofozzy) on

I guess it worked, because later Sommer tweeted:

That Chris Jericho. What a guy.

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