Chris Jericho Reveals That Neville Was Contacted To Do 'All In' But Neville Was Set On Dragon Gate

Chris Jericho and Sami Zayn have a conversation about PAC.

During the early hours of October 2nd for those residing in the United States, we were woken up to the news that former two-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion PAC F.K.A. "Neville" made his return to the sport of professional wrestling after being away for a year. PAC reportedly walked out of WWE in October of 2017 after being unhappy with the direction that things were going in his career and was then tied up in his contract for the majority of 2018 until it was reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet this past summer that he was no longer under contract with WWE and just two months later PAC appeared at Dragon Gate's show at Korakuen Hall and a few weeks ago he became 'Open The Dream Gate' Champion.

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As the news of PAC's freedom from his WWE contract came to the forefront, many wondered would he be appearing at The Young Bucks and Cody's 'All In' show which was just a few days after the news broke. The current IWGP Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho and current WWE RAW star Sami Zayn chatted about Neville during a recent 'Talk Is Jericho' episode and during the discussion Jericho revealed that PAC was contacted to do 'All In' but he was set on making his first post-WWE appearance for Dragon Gate and here's how the conversation between Sami and Chris went down:

Sami: “Yeah he seems like he’s really happy. I love him. I love him." Sami said. "I’ve got a lot of respect for Neville man. You know what? He told me straight up, a lot of money… the indies ain’t what they were when I left just five years ago.” Sami continued, “Yeah so there wasn’t as much money on the indies and I did brutally well for indie standards for the time right before I signed. But he was telling me straight - he goes, ‘Man, there’s a lot of money being offered in a lot of directions' but he’s never been an overly money… you know maybe that’s why he didn’t fit in the WWE system that much because the culture here is very like, overly ambitious and money and success and that has to be what takes you to the next level. He’s never really been like that and so he went back, and he went back because he’s a loyal guy and he’s always just loved wrestling for Dragon Gate.”

Jericho: “They tried to get him to go to All In - like all over the top and he wouldn’t do it. He wanted to make his debut with Dragon Gate.” Jericho revealed.

Sami: “That’s the kind of guy he is dude. Lot of love, lot of respect for him, he’s principled. I don’t know if we’ve discussed this on the podcast with him and I hope I’m not airing his things but it's so funny how there’s millions of people who dream of being in our position and his dream is being a postman." Sami said. "That’s the kind of dude he is. He’s a world-famous pro wrestler. His dream is just being a mailman. He just wants to walk around, deliver the mail. He wants a simple life, he’s a simple guy and he loves wrestling, he really does, and it's not to say he won’t wrestle other places or take money - you need money to live and all that, but he’s not the type to sell his soul so-to-speak for an extra few bucks.”


Cody, The Young Bucks and Adam "Hangman" Page were in many headlines earlier this month because they've finished up with Ring Of Honor and are set to embark on a journey that has no clear cut destination.

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