Chris Jericho Says Making It To AEW Revolution Was Always The Goal Of His Program With Ricky Starks

Chris Jericho says his program with Ricky Starks was always slated to play out in a significant match at AEW Revolution 2023, but there may be more to the story.

Chris Jericho has always been a fan of long-term storytelling, especially when working with younger talent in All Elite Wrestling. Jericho is currently working with Ricky Starks and is booked to wrestle Ricky in a top-level match at AEW Revolution.

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Now, Chris Jericho has revealed that his story with Ricky was always meant to lead to a big match at the March pay-per-view. Also, Jericho is addressing those that criticize his long-term storytelling, comparing his programs to movies such as Saving Private Ryan.

"When we started the Ricky Starks story at the end of December, the idea was always to make it all the way to Revolution," Chris Jericho tells Casey Pratt while promoting the upcoming AEW events in San Francisco, California. "I like to tell long-term stories, and it makes me laugh sometimes when people bag on me for that. It's like, 'Well, what's the rush?' If it's too short of a story, people complain. If it's too long of a story, people complain. What is too long, as long as there's a beginning, a middle, and an end? It's like, well, 'Titanic' is too long. 'Saving Private Ryan' is too long. Well, both those movies are two of the greatest of all time that won multiple awards and are three hours long, and you got to invest in it. If you want to fuck around on your phone or if you want to go to Chipotle in an hour, don't watch those movies. I think it's the same with a Chris Jericho storyline."

Chris Jericho then spoke about how Ricky Starks has been receptive to the tricks that he's picked up along the route to Revolution while working with Jericho and teased that Revolution may not be the end of the story.

"So yeah, Ricky Starks is a guy that I thought, 'Wow, he could really use some long-term storyline stuff, working on his character, figure out who he is as a performer.' Wrestling-wise, he's got it. He has a real connection with the crowd that I wanted to really expand upon. So, you know, in the ring's a different story. Outside of the ring, once again, Ricky Starks, let's build this guy, let's build him into a bigger star, and not just with this program, let me show him some tricks. More importantly — you can lead the horse to water, but the horse has to drink it, and once the horse drinks it, he knows, 'Okay, I can go to this pond, and I can use these tricks.' I think Ricky's learning that. We had a great segment on Wednesday. I think that he really learned a lot, and I think it's just been it's been a great experience and a great story. It's gonna be a great conclusion, or is it, at Revolution on Sunday."

Fans can read more of Chris Jericho's comments on Ricky Starks picking up on the little nuances of Storytelling while working with him at this link.

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