Chis Jericho offers up some extra details on his musical number with MJF.

During his steak dinner with MJF on Wednesday's Dynamite, Jericho and "The Salt of the Earth" broke into a musical number as they performed an AEW version of "Me and My Shadow" by the Rat Pack.

Following AEW Dynamite, Jericho came out to address the live crowd and shared some minor details on the segment.

"If you only knew what we went through to get that up on-air. Basically, we had that ready to go about 22 minutes before it aired and we filmed last night until about 2 AM. You never know what's going to happen on live TV but you buckle up, get the job done, put on a great show, and make sure you guys have fun," he said.

Jericho took to social media after the segment and called it "the greatest moment in wrestling history."

You can watch the segment in the video above.

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