Chris Jericho: There Is No War, WWE Is Diluting Their Own Product By Adding Another Two Hours

Chris Jericho doesn't believe in a Wednesday Night War.

With news that NXT is officially headed to USA Network on Sept. 18, the Wednesday Night War is now upon us. AEW is set to debut on TNT on Oct. 2, meaning WWE and AEW will go head-to-head every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET. But AEW star and former WWE Champion Chris Jericho isn't too concerned about a war.

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"We still don't know who our fanbase is. I don't think there's a lot of crossover between WWE and AEW fans. A lot of people that are into AEW are people that maybe haven't watched wrestling in a while or are looking for something different," Jericho told Busted Open Radio. "Maybe they don't like WWE. I don't know. I think WWE is great. The point is, there's too much WWE. By adding another two hours, that really dilutes their product, mindset, and focus. It's a reactionary move. It's done by a guy that wants to start a war, when we don't care if you want to start a war. That was never our intention. There's no war for us. We're just doing what we're doing. Some people don't like that, and they're reacting to it. It dilutes their own product. It's something that happened in WCW quite a bit. In WCW, they used to flip out and be excited because our pyro started before Raw's pyro. Nitro started at 7:57 and Raw started at 8, and the reason was, we wanted our pyro to be before theirs. Who gives a crap? Who cares when the pyro is? What's the show like? Don't worry what the other guy is doing. Worry about your own stuff."

Jericho continued, "I think that's AEW's attitude. I don't care about any other wrestling company in the world. I want everyone to be good. Everyone do what you want to do. Be the best you can be. Do your thing. We don't care. I think that's one of the reasons that makes us cool. The more other people do, the more it makes us look revolutionary and cool. And we haven't even started yet. Just wait until we start [on television]. It's going to be a completely different vibe and attitude."

Jericho's comments about there not being a war is a stark contrast to his comments in May when he said, “This is a war. Even if you don’t want it to be, it just is."

War or no war, Jericho did take time out of his day to congratulate NXT on their move to USA.

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