Chris Jericho Would Beat Everyone In Two Minutes If It Were Up To Him

Chris Jericho is famous for taking long sabbaticals from wrestling, only to return as a new and different version of his previous self. At 46-years-old, many fans see Jericho as an aging part-timer whose best days are behind him. So, when Jericho defeats the likes of AJ Styles and Kevin Owens, people saw it as him politicking to hold down younger talent.

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Jericho cleared up that misconception of the Squared Circle Pit podcast.

“I’m not coming back to help anybody out. If I had my way, I’d beat them all in f*cking two-minutes. I’m doing what my boss wants me to do. That’s my job. I’m not noble enough and go, ‘I want to help.’ Don’t get me wrong, I understand what my role is and I understand there is certain guys that can use the help. I love doing that.”

Jericho continued to elaborate by saying that he will politic if he feels it makes sense for the story.

“With Kevin Owens, I was like, ‘I know we have great chemistry here. I know this will work.’ That’s also going to benefit me. I’m also the guy that suggested that I beat Kevin Owens for the US title on my so called last match because everyone knew I was losing. I went and politicked to win. It was way better than me losing again. I also politicked for the Festival of Friendship, for him to put me out.

“I’m not like there to just help people. I’m there for myself to have the best storyline, the best angle. Sometimes you get the better of it, sometimes you don’t. That, to me, is why I come back.”

While Jericho did beat Owens for the United States title at Payback, he lost the title back to Owens two days later on SmackDown. After the match, Owens sidelined his former best friend with a prolonged beatdown. Jericho returned months later, losing a triple threat match that also involved Owens and Styles.

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