CM Punk Doesn't Think WWE Has Enough Money To Bring Him Back, Says He Won't Do A Saudi Show

CM Punk talks money.

During a recent Reddit AMA, CM Punk responded to a fan question about what it would take to get him to return to WWE. Punk replied, "It'd have to be a very big bag."

Speaking on the Pardon My Take podcast, Punk was asked how big the bag would have to be. He replied, "I don't think they have that much money. Maybe I can be paid in stocks. I think the conversation would have to start at somewhere like, 20, 25 [million]. I'm not doing a single (Saudi Arabia show)."

Punk has been doing a media tour promoting his film "Girl on the Third Floor," which released on Friday. During the tour, he's been asked about a potential return to wrestling at just about every stop.

"Me addressing it adds fuel to the fire. It's like rumors. They're always going to be there and take on a life of their own. Me coming out and addressing it puts a spotlight on it," he said.

Punk did on-camera testing for WWE Backstage earlier in October, but recently said he hasn't heard back from Fox.

During the interview, Punk was also asked if Vince McMahon does anything that's not for content. He replied, "No, he's in that business. The whole thing with the Network, it's all content. That's the world we live in. Everybody has their own streaming service and everybody needs content. Everyone is producing their own TV show. Hulu, Netflix, they're producing their own shows and movies instead of paying people for their stuff. Everybody wants their own IP. That's the smart way to go. I don't think Vince does anything without a camera being involved and trying to make a show out of it."

It's unknown when or if Punk will return to wrestling in some capacity. During the media tour, he was asked about AEW and their relationship with WWE. You can view his comments by clicking here.

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