CM Punk Questions Whether AEW Has The Depth To Support Additional Titles

CM Punk speaks candidly about whether or not he believes AEW can handle more championships.

Professional wrestling is built around the quest for championship gold. However, many times over the years it has been debated whether or not championship belts mean what they used to. Using WWE as an example, the promotion currently has 13 active championships across three brands, where once upon a time, there were only three championships to be contested for.

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AEW as a promotion has only existed for two and a half years. In that time, the promotion has established four championship belts while also using belts from other promotions to further establish prestige in matchups.

Recently, the promotion announced the addition of a new Women's Championship, the TBS Championship. Speaking about this new championship as well as how he feels about championships overall, CM Punk tells Robbie Fox on the latest episode of My Mom's Basement that he isn't sure the promotion has the depth to add a championship like that.

He also candidly speaks about whether or not the promotion even has the depth to properly sustain the TNT Championship, commending Miro for the work he did as champion.

"Yeah. 100% I think if everybody has a title and if everybody's a champion that nobody's a champion, you know, I think you got to be really careful with that. I think the TBS Title's even pushing it, you know, there's already a women's title. Do we have the depth in the women's division? Do we have the depth in the men's division, to have a secondary title? I think we've been doing pretty good so far. I think Miro brought a lot of credibility to that [TNT] belt and stabilized it, and obviously, Kenny Omega is the AEW Champion.

"It's kind of a touchy subject. I know in 2021 everybody wants to really extol the virtues of women's wrestling and this isn't a knock, I married a women's wrestler, you know? I just wonder if we have the personnel to support a secondary or a title that's on even footing with the Women's Title. I just don't know."

Furthermore, CM Punk would say that he is definitely not fond of the idea of adding a Trios Championship, saying that the women should probably get a Tag Team Championship before the addition of Six-Man Tag Titles.

"Trios [Titles], it's the same thing. It's just like yeah, there's a lot of stables that have three people, and yeah you can have me tag with Sting, and Darby but again, if everybody's a champion, nobody's a champion. You know, there needs to be, in my opinion, less titles but we'll see how it goes. You know, I'm sure all the women will prove me wrong, and I'm okay with that... Maybe instead of another women's title, maybe women's tag belts but then again, I don't know. Women's tag belts before trios belts. I'll say that."

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