CM Punk Recalls Robin Williams Superfly Splashing Him While Sleeping At Lars Frederiksen's House

Wake up, CM Punk.

Appearing as a guest on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, the former WWE Superstar shared the story of how he first met Robin Williams while staying at Lars Frederiksen's home. Lars is best known as the lead singer of Rancid but is also one of the co-hosts of the podcast and close friends with Punk.

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According to Punk, here is what happened:

"I never ever tell this story because Lars was very good friends with Robin Williams. There was one time I was sleeping upstairs in Lars' house and, I like to sleep, ladies and gentlemen. To this day, if I don't have to get up and do anything - I don't got to set an alarm - I'm a free spirit. Do you know what I mean? I don't got planes to catch. I did a whole lifetime of that, so I just sleep until I wake up, and I was doing that at Lars'.

I woke up because somebody had jumped on top of me while I was sleeping and as I wake up and I turn around I'm like, 'it's f**king Robin Williams.' So, what do you do? Right? This is the first time I've ever met Robin Williams and I think, as the story goes, he was just like, 'oh, the wrestler, he's sleeping upstairs right now?' Lars was like, 'yeah,' and Robin, being who Robin is, is like, 'f**k yeah, let's Jimmy Superfly Snuka this motherf**ker.' So he runs up and he splashes me in the bed. I wake up and I immediately think it's Lars, so I just start charging after him.

Halfway through running down the stairs, I'm like, 'I'm pretty sure that's Robin Williams,' but I don't give a f**k, I'm going to get this motherf**ker now. I half-ass tackle Robin Williams. He's trying to run out into the street. and then I just picked him up and I'm airplane spinning Robin Williams. I just put him down and he's like, 'I got to go,' and just f**ks off and runs away. I'm standing there just like, 'that's the damnedest way to wake up.' I just remember walking back in the house and being like, 'was that Robin Williams?' [Lars replies] 'Yeah.' [Punk replies back] 'Alright, cool.'"

Since leaving WWE in 2014, Punk has found a home in Hollywood. It was recently revealed that he has a role in Stephen Amell's upcoming wrestling drama, Heels. He will be playing a character known as Ricky Rabies who has an accompanying valet, Vicky Rabies. Click here to see a photo of him in costume.

As far as an actual return to wrestling, Punk doesn't want to return and just be another guy doing not-good television in WWE.

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