CM Punk: Someone Said That They're Glad I'm Back In WWE To Experience The Culture That I Helped Create

CM Punk says that WWE doesn't feel like the same place he walked out on in 2014.

It's no secret that WWE has changed in many ways in the past decade, for better and for worse. According to CM Punk, who had many critical things to say about the company back in 2014, WWE is now a much better place to work at for a number of different reasons.

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Speaking with Ariel Helwani on a recent episode of The MMA Hour, Punk recalled somebody explaining to him that he helped create the current backstage environment.

"It does not." Punk said when he was asked if it feels like the place he left in 2014. "Somebody said this to me. I get uncomfortable talking about myself and my contributions. It’s very hard to do without sounding supremely egotistical. I’m always trying to be on the back foot and be humble. There are a lot of people who wouldn’t be in the industry if it wasn’t for me. I’m just talking inspiration. I’m not saying I helped them in any way. The same way I wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Bret or Roddy Piper or the guys who paved the way for me. Even if I was just a fan of them on television. There is a lot of that. It’s hard for me to talk about what I’ve done, but someone explained it to me like this. ‘I’m super glad you’re back here so you can experience the culture backstage that you helped create. You were a catalyst for this, you left, and now you’re back and I’m glad you get to enjoy it and see the fruits of your labor.’ That hit me."

When he was asked to explain the changes, Punk noted that things are friendlier and more relaxed.

"It’s different in a sense that, I’m not going to say, fuck it, I am going to say friendlier. To talk about the way the culture is now, you have to talk about the way the culture is when I got there. It was very much shark tank, cut throat, super competitive and everyone looked at me, ‘fuck you, why are you here, you don’t belong here,’ and I was on television with nothing but top guys. Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Ric Flair, Kurt Angle. There are probably five other guys I’m forgetting. It was brutal. To try and scratch and claw to get notice. To get that TV time that I was allotted, it was a lot different. Now, it’s more laid back. That’s probably the best way to say it. It’s a relaxed atmosphere."

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