CM Punk Talks Pro Wrestling, Conquering WWE, MMA Being Hard

CM Punk hasn't exactly been heavily in the public eye since his UFC loss at UFC 203 last September.

In a now-rare interview with Windy City Live, Punk opened up to Windy City Live about his original pro wrestling aspirations, as well as his MMA career. Despite a storied wrestling career, the former WWE Champion Punk can't remember exactly when his dream to achieve began.

"I'm not sure. Obviously, I watched WWF as a kid, but when I made the conscious decision - WWF was never the end goal. I romanticized about Japanese wrestling. There was two companies in Japan, it was called All Japan and New Japan, and that was my thing. I was more about going over there and being a star over there, then coming home and just being completely - you can walk down the street and nobody knows you. That was my style, I liked it. But I worked so long and hard at it that it became so boring, it became the last frontier was WWE. I had to go see if I could conquer that so I gave it a shot," said Punk.

Punk's debut fight against Mickey Gall didn't go exactly as planned. After training at Roufusport for over a year, Punk lost his first fight to Mickey Gall in just over two minutes.

"It's all tough. I was a wrestler throwing myself to the ground 300 days a year, now I'm more focused on different disciplines and I get to sleep in my own bed every night. Isn't that great though? To me, there's something so romantic about that. You walk into a cage and there's a winner and a loser. People can make excuses but at the end of the day, there's a winner and a loser. I think in this world, because in my opinion you only get one time around, if you're scared of something I think it's best to face it head on. I'm comfortable with being uncomfortable," Punk said.

Punk has no date set for his second fight.

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