Cody & Brandi Rhodes Talk About Their "Pinky And The Brain" Like Relationship

Cody and Brandi Rhodes are opening up about their relationship and how it's evolved into their plans for the future.

When they both left WWE in 2016, they had the benefit of working together since they both left around the same time. However, it wasn't the easiest path. For Cody, he didn't just want to leave, he wanted to leave and make a name for himself outside of WWE, and wanted Brandi to be aware of that. Cody spoke to ESPN about the time after they left WWE:

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One of the things I told her when I said I'm planning on leaving, when she told me she would leave as well and what she'd plan on doing, I said, 'One of the things that bothers me the most is when people say "stay tuned for the next chapter" or "you've only seen the beginning of." When people are fired or ask for their release and they tell you they're gonna do something, it irritates me to death when they don't something.' I know that sounds kinda harsh, but I explained that to her. I said you can't tell folks you're going somewhere unless you work for it.

Cody likens their relationship to Pinky and the Brain, from the old cartoon show of the 1990s -- he's Pinky and she's the brain that comes up with all the ideas. They have a goal in mind, and that's to take over both the entertainment and professional wrestling worlds.

Brandi and I kind of have this Pinky and the Brain relationship between each other," Cody said. "We sit down almost every morning and we go over a list of things: 'How can we capitalize on this? What can we do to be better here? What's missing there?' We have a very like-minded [view] when it comes to our careers, and our careers are different. I'm a professional wrestler who, in the entertainment world, I have some projects here and there, but in my heart I'm a pro wrestler. Brandi is a master of a lot of things. I guess I'm Pinky. Every day she tells me how we're going to take over the world. It's so much fun to have somebody like that."

Cody Rhodes is currently wrestling for New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor, while Brandi Rhodes wrestles in the Women of Honor division. She's also one of the stars of  WAGS: Atlanta, which is currently airing on the E Network.

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