Cody Is Hoping To Irritate WWE Enough With Old Trademarks That They Give Him Starrcade

Over the past year, Cody went on a filing spree, applying for trademarks relating to old WCW events. 

Cody trademarked the terms "Bash at the Beach," Superbrawl," Slamboree," "Bunkhouse Stampede," and more. AEW has already put the "Bash at the Beach" trademark to use, running a special episode of AEW Dynamite under the "Bash at the Beach" name. 

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Speaking on AEW Unrestricted, Cody revealed why he has trademarked so many WCW names. 

"It's a legal nightmare. This was AEW's first Bash at the Beach and it also might be AEW's last. WWE is not particularly happy about all the trademarks I acquired. Trademark law is actually basic, everywhere but wrestling. Wrestling, there's this idea that if you buy something but let it lapse, it's still yours. The spoils of war. Wrestling legitimately had a war between WCW and WWE and WWE actually won. The amount of bad fallout that came from that is so much larger than the good stuff. Does WWE do a good job as a custodian of history? Absolutely. The Network is done well and they do some stuff well. But there's been a lot of things that they didn't care for that they let lapse. Anything that was connected to my dad, I wanted to pick up. I don't know what my grand play is here, I just wanted to pick it up to have for my family. I'm not making any money off it. I think my grand scheme was, I was going to get as many things to irritate them as possible so they were just like, 'You can have Starrcade.' Great American Bash and Starrcade are 100% Dusty's. I would rather have those than 100 Slamborees," he said.

WWE currently owns the trademark on "Starrcade," holding a special WWE Network live event under the "Starrcade" name annually. Cody and AEW will be putting another trademark to use in March with "The Match Beyond," which is a term for WarGames. WWE owns the WarGames trademark. 

Elsewhere on the podcast, Cody mentioned a former WCW name that gets brought up whenever AEW has a rating dip or bad segment. You can find his comments by clicking here.

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