Cody Isn't Afraid Of Trying To Run A 10,000 Seat Show, Talks About The Bullet Club Invasion

Cody is not afraid to be ambitious.

He spoke to Sports Illustrated about the report that's been going around lately that he and The Young Bucks are trying to run a show in a 10,000 seat arena. It's very ambitious, and would be one of the biggest independent shows in years, but hey, he's the son of the American Dream after all -- why not peruse those dreams:

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I’m the son of the ‘American Dream’,” said Rhodes. “Of course I’m a dreamer. My dad had no fear. As a promoter and businessman, he had no fear. I’m 32 and entering the prime of my career, so why would I be afraid? I’ve found these friends and businessmen in the Bucks, and I believe the business cannot continue to go on the path it’s going. It has to continue to change, and there have to be people who are going to change it. I really can’t claim to be any of that until we fill this joint up, but I am not afraid of what we are about to do.

One of the other major situations that has emerged this year with the Bullet Club was the fallout from their Bullet Club Invasion episode of Being the Elite. He has zero regrets about it, saying it was more about Being the Elite than trying to get a rise out of people in the WWE:

It made a bigger impact than we imagined it was going to have,” admitted Rhodes. “I actually got in the car with my wife, Marty, and Hangman [Page] right after, and I said, ‘Just so you know, this is going to change a bunch of stuff.’ Marty was like, ‘No, I don’t think anything will come of it,’ but then the amount of stuff that came out of it, which is public with a cease and desist, and there were a lot of entertained fans and pro-WWE fans who were disappointed.

“People should watch it, because it’s done in the context of ‘Being The Elite’, which was almost a parody of what was done very well by Degeneration X in 1998. I definitely don’t have any regrets. It’s unfortunate if it upset some people, which it did, but I don’t have any regrets. We had a permit to film, so this wasn’t as guerrilla style as people think it was. It was about ‘Being The Elite’ more than it was about being against WWE. No regrets.

The plan is to run a 10,000 set arena are real, both the Young Bucks and Cody say, but have not secured a location or date yet. 

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