Cody Rhodes And Chris Jericho Never Considered CM Punk A WWE Locker Room Leader

Real leaders move in silence. 

On a recent edition of the Talk Is Jericho podcast, Chris Jericho was joined by members of The Elite for a special roundtable discussion. The conversation began with the group discussing the leader of the Bullet Club and how the group, prior to Jay White's arrival and the official split between Elite and Bullet Club, never had a leader.

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Cody said, "No one ever says, 'I'm the leader.' The first person who says that....especially, there's this thing in wrestling 'the locker room leader.' Whenever somebody says, 'I'm a locker room leader' You definitely know that guy is not the locker room leader. That 100 percent."

At this point, Chris Jericho chimed in and asked Cody, "do you remember this weird...we had this weird locker room meeting in WWE once where CM Punk said that. Do you remember that?"

Cody noted that he was trying not to name names, but Jericho had no issue calling out Punk. Cody said that Punk would call himself the locker room leader "multiple times."

Jericho continue, "I remember he said, 'As the locker room leader.' And I'm like, 'You don't lead me.'"

Cody then tells the story of a locker room meeting held by Punk that didn't go over well with a certain veteran on the roster.

"It worked on a certain demo of the locker room," said Cody. "But there was one meeting where Booker T was in the room and Punk hit the, 'As the locker room leader, I'm telling you guys all to pick up your trash.' And Booker literally threw his trash on the floor. And said, 'He's not telling me to pick up my trash.' They had this whole interaction. Glenn (Jacobs) is the only actual locker room leader. He's the Mayor now."

Jericho ended the conversation by saying he would listen to Kane if told to pick up his trash, but wasn't about to listen to Punk. 

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