This year, Cody Rhodes has been seen at PWG, Evolve and soon Ring of Honor. On Thursday, fans found out he would be on his way to WWE's longtime closest competitor.

TNA tweeted a video revealing the date of Rhodes' debut, which was also shown on Impact. The video featured a reflective and suit-wearing Rhodes walking towards and driving away in a black sports car.

"You don't know a man until you walk a mile in his shoes. I learn more about me every day, with every mile. My past is just that. My story is being written one step at a time. My future is decided by the roads I take. I'm bound for a new adventure, where I know there's gold, there is glory. Because for me, all roads lead to...Bound for Glory" said Rhodes in the video.

TNA referred to Rhodes as simply "Cody", which fed rumors Rhodes will not appear on television as "Cody Rhodes" as WWE retains the rights to that name. Earlier this week, Rhodes spoke about his final days at WWE and after TNA's announcement, Rhodes retweeted the video.

"When I released WWE I had no idea the opportunities & places I was bound for... #BoundForGlory" tweeted Rhodes

Rhodes' wife Brandi has also been signed to TNA. She has been apart of his post-WWE appearances, serving as his personal ring announcer at PWG and according to Cody, scribed "The List."

Rhodes will be at TNA Bound for Glory October 2nd and also his Ring of Honor debut is December 2nd.

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