Corey Graves Shares That Vince McMahon Secretly Ribs Michael Cole During WWE RAW

The boss likes to joke around with his lead commentator on RAW.

Former NXT Tag Team Champion and current RAW and SmackDown Live commentator Corey Graves was the most recent guest on Lilian Garcia's 'Chasing Glory' podcast. Corey and Lilian chatted about Graves' road to being a commentator, reflected on how his in-ring career came to an end and went over the trails and tribulations that he has had to overcome over the years. During a particular portion of the podcast, Lilian and Corey were discussing how difficult being a commentator can be and Graves shared that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon likes to joke around with Michael Cole by speaking into Cole's headset while the camera is on Cole as he is talking.

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“It’s insane, the amount of information that we’re processing all the time because you got the producers in your ear counting you to commercial break. You have to listen to your partners. You actually have to have a coherent conversation with them. In the middle of a thought, someone backstage is feeding you an idea or a thought and it’s like, ‘Oh my God’. It’s completely overwhelming at times. My favorite is when Vince decides to do it when you’re on camera." Graves laughed. "I know he does it to [Michael] Cole to mess with him, but I remember the first time it happened to me: We were on camera and I can’t remember what the actual information was, but I was speaking -- I’m on camera. I knew very particularly what I was supposed to say or where I was going and he doesn’t speak to you a lot but it’s like the voice of God coming in your head, and I swear you could probably see the panic in my eyes, on camera. I think I just stopped in the middle of my sentence and was like, ‘Uhh’, and then I just parroted whatever he said and I don’t think it made any sense but it was absolutely terrifying and I’m going -- It’s one thing when you’re not on camera, you can write a note down to yourself or something but when you’re standing there and everything is on you and then [you] go, ‘Oh God. What’s happening right now?’ That’s a real interesting time.”



Corey Graves, Renee Young and Michael Cole will be on the call for tonight's RAW on-which the participants who'll be representing RAW in the men's and women's Money In The Bank Ladder matches are set to be revealed.

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