Coverage Of NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis On Fite TV Media Call

Coverage of the Fite TV media call, with NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis ahead of NWA Into The Fire!

- Aldis thinks we're seeing one of the healthiest shifts in the wrestling business in decades. WWE's monopoly held a lot of power over talent. Aldis says wrestling is built on strong personalities, and Fite TV gives a lot of people the ability to showcase that.

- Dressing like a professional is broached, with Aldis remembering that Scott Hall told him to emphasize the "pro" in pro wrestling.

- Aldis admits he wasn't ready for his TV run with TNA, but wasn't going to turn it down. His evolution and growth happened on TV. He's had to break the mold of people thinking he's "whatever" because of his TNA run. He says he was "whatever" at that point, and Magnus is dead.

- NWA doesn't spend as much time on booking decisions, because that's easy. Aldis believes a lot of wrestling booking is overthought. He mentions personalities like Trevor Murdoch getting over even in losing.

- The goal of NWA now is to make the show profitable. They're further ahead than they expected, and Billy Corgan had a 20 year plan with NWA.

- Being on Youtube wasn't his vision, but right now it's their TV and it promotes live events and PPVs like the wrestling model used to be. If they had WWE's money, who knows what they'd be doing for TV.

- Aldis says anything that he put out there about the Jim Cornette situation was him saying what he wanted. He was careful and stands by what he said. He defended Jim in the past, but when controversial comments outshine the show, it's counterproductive. He calls the line "unnecessary."

- Aldis puts over Ricky Starks and Thunder Rosa, and says that Rosa will surprise people with her promos. Allsyin Kay is also put over as a pro and a champion.

- Nick Aldis thinks Rampage Brown, Sha Samuels and others would be good additions to the NWA.

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