D-Von Dudley: I Tried To Say That I Was Gay, But Dirt Sheets Won't Print That! Also, I'm Not Gay!

D-Von Dudley wants the dirt sheets to set the record straight. 

In December, D-Von Dudley said he was having health issues, but was hanging in there. No further information was given by D-Von or reported elsewhere. He later clarified the situation, saying he was not dying and blamed dirt sheets for blowing it out of proportion. 

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A month later, D-Von said he would have loved to date Stephanie McMahon, stating he was infatuated with her. 

"Dirt sheets" ran those headlines, but didn't give any coverage to D-Von "coming out the closet."

Until now. 

"I'm upset that these dirt sheet writers," said D-Von on Table Talk"I came out the closet, I tried to say I was gay and I tried to come out the closet and tell the truth. They don't want to print that. They don't want to say that. I tried to say I was going to be on RuPaul's Drag Race, they don't want to print that either. I'm upset. They can put bogus things about me falling in love with Stephanie McMahon, my health issues like I'm dying, they can put all that, but they can't admit that I'm coming out the closet. I'm upset."

D-Von's co-host Lindsey Martini joked, "Maybe they already knew." D-Von laughed and made a lewd gesture to briefly keep the joke alive before moving on. 

After this article that Dudley had basically begged on the air to be published, he said the following.

Yes, Fightful staff does indeed watch a wrestling Hall of Famer's podcast every week that features pro wrestlers to get stories for our pro wrestling website. 

Also, he said that he's not gay, which all of us pretty well knew.

Well, that settles that. Get well soon, D-Von!

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