Dalton Castle Says He Will Never Reveal Sexuality

Dalton Castle's sexuality will remain a secret. 

In an interview with Jim Ross on The Ross Report, Castle explained why his sexuality should be kept secret. He put to rest the idea he would reveal his sexuality at any point.

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Castle said "I've decided what sexual orientation Dalton Castle is, but I don't, I won't, I will never address it. I will never tell anybody because I don't think someone's sexual preference has a damn to do with their ability to kick ass. But do you think he's gay? Sure. Maybe he's straight. Who knows? It doesn't matter because, when he's in the ring, he's going to kick whoever's ass is across from him. And is that going to change the way you feel about me? I mean, whether you wonder who I'm going home with at the end of the night or who I'm picking up at a bar, does that change who I am as a wrestler?"

He sees his presence and success in wrestling as a sign of progress.

"That's what I think is great about the progression of wrestling and the fans who are watching because 10 years ago, could Dalton Castle get over as a babyface? I don't think so. Right. And it's wonderful that I can continue to be the way I am or act comfortable in there and people accept me just because they are entertained," said Castle.

He says he took influence from glam rock stars rather than other wrestlers. His persona was developed by watching the stage performances of music acts like David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and Foxy Shazam. 

Castle currently wrestles all over North America in independent promotions but predominantly appears at Ring of Honor.

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