Damian Priest On Adopting A Positive Attitude, Sharing The Joy Of WrestleMania With All Involved

Damian Priest spoke about embracing the power of positivity and how that changed his life.

Damian Priest is one of the breakout stars in WWE and prior to that had a successful run in Ring of Honor as Punishment Martinez.

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Fresh off of a WrestleMania debut in one of the featured matches alongside one of the biggest superstars in the world, Bad Bunny, Damian Priest is opening up about while on his journey, he changed his way of thinking and became more positive and after that, his fortunes really turned around.

Speaking on The Walkway to Fight Club podcast, Priest admitted that he wasn't always a believer in the power of positive thinking until he gave it a shot.

“I was actually the opposite, man. I was somebody who was miserable, complained, blamed everybody else for everything that was wrong. Didn't understand why I wasn't given the opportunities. Then, I don't know, just one day -- I didn't believe [it]. To me, the idea of the power of positivity, I thought it was silly. I never believed in it. Then, it was one of those things, I was trying to change my life, and I thought well let's give it a shot. If it doesn't work, I was right all along anyway. Then, unreal, I started being positive. I surrounded myself with good people, good positive people. tried to just look, no matter what the situation is, forget about the bad. Just focus on -- even if it's one little thing compared to a hundred, just focus on the one thing. Then, unreal, I started getting opportunities. I started getting jobs. It completely changed me. Mentally, even physically. I just like being happy all the time. It's such a cool feeling compared to all the negativity I was. Now, I wake up every day excited to do something and that's awesome. I would highly recommend it to anybody to live their life really happy. It's awesome.”

Continuing on, Damian Priest discussed getting a major WrestleMania moment so early in his career and feeling blessed to share the positive emotions with everybody involved including the live WWE Universe in attendance.

“I don't know how I got here, but it means the world, man. This is the dream, this is why I wanted to come here. To actually achieve it and to be in there. To not just have a match, but like you said, we created a moment and it was a good one. I'm blessed. It's surreal. I don't understand how I was chosen to be successful and in that spot. It could have been anybody, but for whatever reason it was me and I think we all in the ring because it takes all of us, we all knocked it out of the park. Man, I'm eternally grateful and proud. Just everything combined. Loving the fact that people were happy to see that, too. Looking out in the crowd and said all the smiling faces and people jumping up and down. That was just as much -- we share all that together. Myself, Bad Bunny, Miz and Morrison, Eddie the referee, the announcers, and all the fans. We shared all that together. We were genuinely excited, happy, hyped. All the emotions that were positive, we all shared that together and that's something I will never forget.”

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