Damian Priest Reflects On Edge Asking Him To Join Judgment Day And Getting Advice From Undertaker

Damian Priest is living his dream working with WWE Hall of Famers that are eager to share their knowledge with him.

Currently, Damian Priest is a member of Judgement Day. In that group, he is working alongside WWE Hall of Famer, Edge. Edge and Damian have had a good relationship since the WWE Hall of Famer returned to action in 2020 but now, we are beginning to see that story play out on TV.

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In a new interview with Military News, Priest opened up about working with Edge and how surreal it was that Edge came to him personally and asked him to team up.

"It’s funny, since my time in NXT, Edge and I have had conversations about getting together and doing some business together," said Priest. "We have a lot of similarities and I have been very open about how many people and idols I look up to and Edge is clearly one of them. Everything has to do with timing. I kept pushing through. Every time we speak I would say, hey by the way, if you ever want to do stuff…. I text him all the time for advice or call him and he is very cool for me to throw ideas at him and give me his opinion. Finally, we came to a spot where I did not know what direction I was going to go and he was open to new ideas. He said maybe I’II reform another group or team up with somebody and he said to me, what do you think, do you want to pair up? HE asked ME. That’s how it went down. He came up to me and said 'would you be interested in this?’ I said, 'Absolutely, why are you asking me, this is totally what we are doing.'"

Additionally, Damian priest has worked with Shawn Michaels and Triple H very closely in WWE NXT and he has also had the privilege of being given advice by the Undertaker, recalling The Undertaker sitting down with him at SummerSlam just to impart some wisdom.

"There are so many, but like I always think about the little things, the private things, like when Hunter will send me a text, or pull me aside backstage and start talking to me, or Shawn Michaels will call and just talk to me. I am like, I can’t believe these guys have my phone number. These are my heroes, like is this real? Undertaker gave me advice at SummerSlam where he literally sat down at the table I was eating and said, 'Hey man do you mind if I give you some advice?' I was like, what, I can’t believe you just asked me that. Yes, please give me all of it. That’s one of those moments where I am like, is there anybody else watching this? He is talking to me. If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up. In the ring, every moment is a pinch-me moment. The idea that I have theme music going to the ring, that right there, it’s those little things that I am like, I can’t believe this is my life. I am very grateful," said Priest.

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