Dan St. Germain Reflects On His Experience At 'Roast Of Ric Flair'

Dan St. Germain was part of The Roast of Ric Flair during Starrcast V, joining wrestlers such as Bully Ray, Torrie Wilson, Eric Bischoff and more as they took their best shots at Flair and others.

St. Germain is a comedian who previously performed at the Roast of Bruce Prichard and hosts the Wrestle Roasts podcast on AdFreeShows. The crowd didn't take to Germain's set, which he acknowledged while on stage, as he made jokes about wrestling fans stalking Sonya Deville, Conrad Thompson having heat with Buff Bagwell, Velveteen Dream, and more.

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Speaking on Wrestle Roasts, Dan reflected on his experience at the Roast of Ric Flair.

"Some of it, I can blame on myself. I never should have tried to drink again on Thursday and then drink on Friday and Saturday night. That wasn't smart. I'm going to meetings every day, just to let you guys know. Either way, it's no excuse," he said. "It felt like I was on a three-day turbulent flight where we all thought we were going to crash and die."

During the recap, Dan noted that there was confusion around what could or couldn't be said, but that Conrad allowed him to say what he wanted.

"We were all confused about what we could talk or not talk about, which kept getting more confusing after the wrestlers just immediately crossed the line. Shoutout to Conrad, he said I could say anything I want, and I did. I sat in the green room, fully expecting some wrestler to confront me or John Stossel me," he said.

David Schultz hit Stossel in 1984 during a "20/20" interview after Stossel called wrestling fake. After Dan made a joke about Conrad's heat with Buff Bagwell, the camera cut to Conrad, who didn't look pleased, which was pointed out by everyone on the podcast.

Dan opened with a Sonya Deville joke, referencing her stalking and alleged kidnapping case from 2020. The joke made the Roast of Ric Flair reel. Dan said about the joke, "I got annoyed at my shittiest joke being in the reel and feeling a little bit like they stuck me in the gut afterward. The only joke they had was the opening joke, the Sonya Deville one. The reason I did it is because it killed on that Stokely Hathaway show. I was like, 'Alright, this is a good opener.' What I didn't realize is, the wrestlers that were at that show, were like Drake Maverick and Sam Roberts, so they like the darkest shit possible and are current guys. I did that joke. At the Prichard roast, I opened with the Warrior Award for Type 2 Diabetes joke and it crushed. I was like, 'I have to go a little harder than that to keep my spot. Let me do the one I did at the Stokely show.' That got fucking nothing. Then they left the Cody's neck one in, which I thought was one of my weaker jokes. It did okay. Luckily, they cut to Stat Guy Greg laughing. Clearly, a lot of people fucking hated it."

Dan noted that he bombed in the room, but killed on Reddit. He did praise the people at Starrcast and the Roast for putting the event together and the work they did behind the scenes.

Co-host Mike Lawrence noted that he got offered a spot to be part of the roast, but he had a bad feeling about things and also had other plans. All the co-hosts questioned the length of the roast (two and a half hours), people in the lineup and their material, and whether it was necessary as part of the weekend.

The Rock and Dolph Ziggler sent in videos as part of the roast. You can find them by clicking here.

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