Daniel Bryan Feels Like A 'Hypocrite' For Selling WWE Merchandise; He And John Cena Talk About Politics

Daniel Bryan does not keep his political beliefs a secret, so at times he feels like a hypocrite.

He talked to Peter Rosenberg about why he feels like that. He considers himself anti-consumerism and an environmentalist, so when he's out there promoting WWE products and shilling his own merchandise, he feels guilty.

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This is where I'm a hypocrite...what we really need to do is stop people from consuming so much stuff, but my whole job is to get people to consume stuff, right? Like, I work for WWE. They want you to buy Daniel Bryan t-shirts, and Daniel Bryan toys, and WWE video games, and all this kind of stuff. In my last run, I stopped wearing my t-shirts to the ring because I had become so anti-consumerism and not only that, inorganic cotton is really bad for the environment. It's like one of the worst things.

Bryan, who endorsed Green Party candidate Jill Stein back in 2016, does talk politics with one person: his future brother-in-law, John Cena. He doesn't consider himself close with Cena, but they do talk:

You wouldn't think that I love talking about this kind of stuff with John. But he's very into the same kinds of topics, but he believes that technology will save the day. I'm not even sure if he's at the point where he thinks technology will save the day. He (has) had that discussion with me. He's very good at, like… I love talking to John because he will really make you question your assumptions about stuff, like, 'won't this happen? Won't that?' and so, yeah, his brain works so fast.

Daniel Bryan continues to be Smackdown General Manager. He wishes to return to the ring, but his wrestling future still remains unknown. 

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