Daniel Bryan Trashes RAW And Hell In A Cell

The war between RAW and SmackDown ahead of Survivor Series keeps steadily getting more heated. Daniel Bryan just added more fuel to the fire.

The SmackDown GM didn't hold back when talking about his competition and its Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on the latest episode of Talking Smack. Bryan made fun of the fact that the pay-per-view will feature three Hell in a Cell matches.

"Do you know what I think they should do, they should make it four hours, maybe five hours with six Hell in a Cell matches," Bryan said sarcastically.

The trash talk didn't end with Hell in a Cell. Bryan also clowned the red brand's world title and the manner in which Kevin Owens won the title.

"[The winner] is champion of the Galaxy... it's called the Universal Championship, they're champion of the Universe," Bryan said. "You get the championship when Triple H comes out and beats up everyone else and puts you on top of them. That's how you become the Universal Champion."

Both brands will be going up against one another at Survivor Series next month with three Survivor Series matches with a RAW and SmackDown team in each match. One match will pit male wrestlers from both teams against each other and the other two matches will feature women and tag teams from both shows as well.

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