The Dark Order Spoofs Sarah McLachlan ASPCA Commercials, Hope To Find A New Home In AEW

The Dark Order needs your help.

The Dark Order (Evil Uno, John Siler, and Alex Reynolds) has fallen on hard times in recent months. They have struggled to build momentum, and their efforts to recruit new members have been unsuccessful as well.

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On the latest episode of Being The Dark Order, The Dark Order revealed their newest strategy, as they revealed that they were up for adoption.

Alex Reynolds: Alright guys, Adopt Dark Order is officially underway.

John Silver: I got the URL. How do we speed this up? How do we get the word out there that we’re now Adopt Dark Order?

AR: Really, we just want groups in AEW to adopt us because…

Evil Uno: For so long, we were trying to get people to join us.

AR: You’ve all seen, for years, it never worked.

EU: So, new tactic, what if we join them?

AR: Exactly, they adopt us. John, like you said, now we have to get the word out. How do we do that?

EU: Let’s go back to our roots. We go back to what we used to do, we produce a commercial.

A Mark Sterling commercial played, and the trio got upset at Brandon Cutler for airing that. He then played the commercial they produced, which was a clear spoof of the ASPCA commercials that have Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" playing in the background.

The trio sang a parody of the song while the commercial showed glimpses of them looking miserable while they were stuck in a cage. The video also showed Reynolds digging in the trash, Silver crying, and Uno getting a dirty towel thrown onto him.

The commercial transitioned, and Uno, Silver, and Reynolds were shown standing together. They then addressed the viewer and asked for help.

EU: Uno: Hi, we’re Sarah…we’re Dark Order, and we need your help. Please, use the hashtag down below [#AdoptDarkOrder], tweet it, and we will send you a picture of us three very, very sad.

AR: Or visit the website down below [], and purchase an Adopt Dark Order t-shirt. Each t-shirt purchase will get us one step closer to finding a home.

JS: Please, help us.

Fans will have to wait and see whether the Dark Order will indeed find a new home.

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