Dark Order: Tony Khan Talks To Brodie Lee Jr Like He's Any Other Wrestler

Brodie Lee Jr is one of the boys.

It's no secret that Brodie Lee Jr (Negative One) has quickly taken to the wrestling business, regularly appearing on AEW television since the passing of Brodie Lee in December 2020. He already has an AEW contract waiting for him when he's 18.

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Appearing on Art of Wrestling as part of Chris Jericho's Cruise, the Dark Order explained how Tony Khan already treats Negative One like one of the wrestlers.

"He's ten and already knows way more than most people in Canada. He knows how to form a wrestling promo, he knows where cameras are, he understands motion in the ring. He's training already," said Evil Uno.

Colt Cabana said, "Tony Khan will talk...Negative One is going out there to do something and Tony talks to him like he would talk to any other wrestler. You're like, 'Tony, he's a 10-year-old child.' Tony is like, 'Go out, face hard cam, open up, do a good promo.' 'Okay, no problem,' and he nails it."

Stu Grayson then told the story of how comfortable Negative One already is with his promos.

"One of the first promos he ever cut, we were super nervous because we're like, 'What is this child going to say in his first promo?' Tony is like, 'You got six, grab the mic, talk some trash, set up a match for the future.' We're like, 'Tony, what are you? This is insane.' First thing Negative One says is, 'I'm going to say that and I'm gonna let it sink in because the crowd needs to register. Then I'm gonna turn to the cam.' I'm like, 'How do you know these things? How does that even make sense?' We go out there and I think he was dissing Luther and he says something, the crowd goes up, and he looks at us like, 'I fucking did it guys.' He was good," he said.

Uno noted that Negative One was really proud of his promo and instincts.

On the September 29 episode of AEW Dynamite, which took place in Jon Huber's hometime of Rochester, Amanda and Brodie Lee Jr (-1) helped reunite the Dark Order.

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