Daryl Takahashi Gets Married In Private Ceremony

Good news everyone, not only has Daryl fully recovered from this summer’s heinous attack at the hands of Bad Luck Fale, he’s officially married. 


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Look how happy the newlyweds are. We have not seen a smile that big on Daryl’s face since just before Hiromu Takahashi was thrown over the guard rail by Fale during Night 4 of the G1 Climax


And where did this mysterious Carol come from? There had never been a rumor of who Daryl had been dating behind the scenes, so she must be someone from outside the business. Hopefully, she understands the daily grind her husband faces and doesn’t overreact if things don’t look so good on camera. 


Unless Fale is around, then the new Mrs. Daryl Takahashi better have the police on standby. 


In fact, I advise Carol to look away from this clip as we look back at what appeared to be the final moments of Daryl’s life back on July 22.



How is Fale still allowed to roam the streets as a free man?


It looked like that be the last we’d see of Takahashi’s beloved feline friend, but less than a month later, Daryl was right back by his partner’s side.



You know what they say, cats have nine lives. And now Daryl has one wife.


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