David Arquette Knows He's A Running Joke In Wrestling

Former WCW Champion David Arquette was recently interviewed by the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling. You can see the full podcast at this link, and highlights courtesy of Chad & John below.

Looking back on his WCW Title victory and the backlash it has received since:

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"Yeah I know. The problem with that is I'm used as the example of like this decision was worse than when David Arquette got the belt. I'm always like the example and I'm the joke in a sense and I get it. I like to think of myself as the only fan that became a champion. I totally understand that other wrestlers were fans but they are professional wrestlers too, I am literally man on the street and became the champion. I don't know how I am going to prove myself in the wrestling world and I'm going to have to do something at some point just to bring some respect to my name."


Not wanting to win the belt when creative approached him:

“It all is kind of blurry to me to be honest and I was just kind of going along with it and there was a lot of people exactly telling me what to do and I didn't know that in one of my first matches I was doing Scotty Too Hotty's move and that I had to wait for the crowd to say stuff and people just kind of threw me out there and asked what could I do? Well I could do anything because I was a black belt in Yoshukai Karate at the time and I can actually kind of fight but they had a big insurance policy on me so I couldn't get hurt and nobody wanted me to beat them up so everyone had to beat me up (which is often the harder role in wrestling) but I enjoyed the experience. For me, I get to fly around with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair and talk to them about Andre the Giant and all these legends and that is pretty much why I wanted to do it. I am from an acting family that goes back to Vaudeville so to me it is really kind of similar to the wrestling world as far as generational and almost like a carny lifestyle where you are on the road and I loved the opportunity to do that but I didn't need to be the champion."

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