David Starr Asked To Remove Promo Bashing ROH Parent Company Sinclair Broadcasting

Yesterday, David Starr posted an epic promo to build his upcoming bout in Israel against ROH World Champion Jay Lethal. In the promo, Starr called out ROH parent company Sinclair Broadcasting for their "far right wing extremist corporate propaganda." You can view the entire transcription of the promo below:

"Ring of Honor wrestling is a stalwart of pure, professional wrestling in an industry that is monopolized by 'sports entertainment.' Their standard bearer Jay Lethal is the man I'm wrestling. But no, I'm not wrestling you, am I Jay? I'm wrestling Black Machismo. Why don't you just do it, Jay? Why don't you just spit in my face? Why don't you just disrespect me? That is absolutely a complete and total joke. Something else that's a joke is that Ring of Honor wrestling used to represent pure Independent professional wrestler, instead of representing a far right wing extremist corporate propaganda machine. Did you think it was some kind of cute publicity stunt, to let the little Jew boy get a flight to Israel to wrestle for your championship? Is that what you thought? I'm not wrestling for your championship because I'm a Jewish kid from Israel. I'm wrestling for your championship because I'm one of the best Independent professional wrestlers on the fucking planet. Sinclair Broadcasting, you think you're doing me a favor by having me wrestle for your championship in the homeland? Nah. It's not just the homeland for me because I'm a Jewish man. It's supposed to be the homeland for everybody. It's supposed to be a place that we can all seek peace and refuge. It's supposed to be a place that doesn't deprive its citizens of basic civil right. But you know what, I'll take the favor. I'll take the bone you're throwing at me. On the morning after April 21st, you'll have to wake up to your worst nightmare. You'll have to wake up to the fact that your championship is now represented by a progressive Jew named David Starr."

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This morning, Starr was back on social media to announce that "due to the powers that be," he had to remove the promo from his social media account.

Starr's statement read, "Last night, I posted a promo for my historic championship match on April 1st against Ring of Honor Champion Jay Lethal in Netanya, Israel for Israeli Pro Wrestling Association. I have been asked by the powers that be to remove said promo. Out of respect to IPWA, who have already paid for Jay's very expensive flight & accommodation, I will comply. My complying with this request is not an admission of wrongdoing or a retraction. I stand by my entire statement and do not regret any of my actions regarding this subject. Special thank you to James Musselwhite, Gery Roif and 'Dennis.' Sincerely, David Starr."

Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that ROH management "wasn't thrilled" with Starr criticizing the company's politics and also implied that Lethal would be removed from the event if the promo wasn't removed. 

As of now, Starr vs. Lethal is still scheduled for Apr. 21 in Israel. 

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