Dax Harwood Doesn't Think Darby Allin Was Talking About Him In 'Complain On Twitter' AEW Promo

On the March 15 episode of AEW Dynamite, MJF's re-bar mitzvah celebration was cut short by an interrupting Jack Perry, Sammy Guevara, and Darby Allin.

Perry, Guevara, and Allin all made their case for why MJF isn't a deserving champion and why they should get a shot at the AEW World Title. During Allin's promo, he mentioned that he was never one to complain on Twitter when he didn't get an opportunity, and then joked that if he didn't get his opportunity, he would just complain on Twitter.

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Dax Harwood has always spoken his truth in interviews and on social media, and while some fans may have believed Allin was talking about Harwood, among others, in his promo, Harwood doesn't believe that was the case.

"I would implore a lot of people to look and see where I actually complained. Did I complain or was I just speaking my truth? I never said anyone was against me or any company was burying me. I've never said that before. I've just spoken my truth. I don't necessarily think, and I didn't, the Darby thing, when I heard it, I didn't think he was necessarily talking about me. I have a good idea of some of the people he is talking about. Darby and I are pretty close. I would say we're good buds. I don't think he was (talking about me). If he was, I would ask him, and maybe I will ask him when I see him. I would ask him to come talk to me and let's clear the air and figure that out. I don't necessarily think he was talking about me because I have respect for him, I think he has respect for me, and we've worked together quite a few times and we talk every week. I understand what he was saying and where he was coming from," said Harwood on his FTR Podcast with Matt Koon.

"The internet, Twitter people, they can find anything on Twitter. I'm asking them to go and find where I have actually complained. I'm just telling my truth. If I didn't stand up for me and FTR, I don't know if we would be in the position we are right now," he said before noting that if he didn't stand up for himself and Cash Wheeler when Vince McMahon asked them to wear silly outfits at the end of their WWE run, they wouldn't have had the 2022 they had and building their legacy.

He continued, "Somewhere along the way, standing up for what you believe in, speaking your truth became wrong. At one time, that was the measure of a character, if you stood up for yourself. At one point in the world, that was a measure of your character. Now, it's a measure of how bad of a human being you are. We have gotten so complacent, so used to taking the shit and eating the shit. If you believe in yourself and believe in what you have and what you can accomplish, but also what you can give back to the world, especially a world that you love, and I love it with a passion, to the point where it has caused me a lot of grief and anxiety and stress, but I love it so much that I have to stand up for what I believe in. If I didn't stand up for what I believe in, I would have gotten along to get along and I would have never done the things I wanted to do and then I couldn't have looked at myself in the mirror at the end of the day."

Dax said if he didn't stand up for himself in WWE and AEW, who knows how FTR's career would have turned out.

Recently, Dax stated FTR has decided what they're going to do as their contracts with AEW are reportedly coming to an end. Dax briefly touched on the subject during the FTR podcast, saying he couldn't say anything as no contracts have been signed.

Fightful will continue to update fans on FTR's status as more is known.

The full FTR podcast will air on Wednesday, March 22. Fans can learn more by clicking here.

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