DDP Disputes That He Scripted All His Matches Move-For-Move

Diamond Dallas Page recently participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything. You can check out highlights below, and the full AMA at this link.

If it's too late for anyone to get involved in wrestling:

Drew McIntyre: I Feel Bad For Everyone That Has To Follow Me And Bobby Lashley

"The truth? Not really. I tried wrestling when I was 22, I wrestled twice a week and never really learned anything. And my career got derailed, and I almost never went back. When I got back in the ring at 35 and a half, I found out I had to be there every day.

It depends on what you want. I wanted to be a top guy. If you're just wanting to get in the ring for fun, maybe there is some merit there, but if you're wanting to work the indie scene you're going to have to put the work in. Period."

The meaning of "MSM":

"MSM. One of my buddies in '96 was the first round draft pick, he went to the Raiders, Teyo Johnson. A group of us were working out in the park and we'd just come out of some ten second push-ups and I had us drop into this position that felt amazing. I said this feels awesome, I've never seen anyone do that. I asked him what we should call it, and he said MSM.

I asked what MSM meant, and he said Miss you So Much... come up with you interpretation."

If he scripted his matches too much:

"For starters, that's bullshit...

Did I know everything that I wanted to do? Absofuckinglutely. I believe that the best matches come from preparation and improvisation.

Did I tell the guys what I wanted to do? Hell yea, that's why my matches were so good. By the way, Macho Man was WAY more intense about it than I was and no one ever says shit about that.

I loved working with Macho, we were both perfectionists, and it's probably the reason we were the feud of the year in '97. As far as Nitro is concerned, find me a better match than when I dropped the World title to Sting. You might find one just as good, but you won't find one that's better because it doesn't exist.

I always wanted to bring the highest level to the fans."

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