DDP Reveals That Stone Cold Steve Austin Was Supposed To Be The Storyline-"Stalker" Of The Undertaker's Ex-Wife

DDP reveals some interesting information.

WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page is busy expanding his brand and DDP Yoga product to the masses. Page was recently at the WWE Performance Center at WWE's latest tryouts where he hosted a class for the talent at the P.C. DDP has not competed in the squared circle since 2016 where he was one of many men who partook in the 'Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal' at WrestleMania 32 but he recently reflected on a memory from his in-ring career which was his unique storyline with The Undertaker in the summer of 2001.

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DDP was the storyline-stalker of The Undertaker's ex-wife Sarah but there was another individual originally slated to play the role of the "stalker" and during an interview with GiveMeSport, Diamond Dallas Page revealed that fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin was supposed to play the role of the stalker.

"I hated the idea at first. I'm trying to be a team player and this is Hollywood so to speak. We're trying to blur the lines of reality and not reality - you're not really stalking her - but that's the role you want me to play in a world where some people believe what the sh*t is." He explained. "When you're doing something like a stalker idea, they built this storyline and couldn't get anybody to do it - that's the real deal. They wanted Austin to do it, and Austin is like, 'F**k that', and he told me about that later and I was like, 'You couldn't have called me up and said that to me?' But, the bottom line was, I thought they were trying to make us going in there." DDP said. "Because there was no more WCW, but that was not the deal. The deal was, and it had nothing to do with me personally, it could have been Sting or Goldberg or whoever - whoever it was was going to get fed to whoever it was in the top angle because it was ego and it was business."


DDP revealed the information about the storyline with The Undertaker and to read up on more exclusive information about the current landscape of professional wrestling, check out the latest Fightful Wrestling Weekly.


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