DDP Talks Nightclub Life, Getting Help, Touring Ireland

Diamond Dallas Page recently participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything. You can check out highlights below, and the full AMA at this link.

Wildest story of promoting night clubs:

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"The night Jake Roberts walked into my club.

I was sitting in my office, looking at the monitor. We had a camera on the front door, we were packed, meaning easily a thousand people. We had six bars, dance floors... everything was jamming.

Looking at the monitor, I saw someone who looked just like Jake the Snake. I went outside because we were so crowded and walked through the door and asked one of my girls of it was Jake and she said she thought it was.

I was a huge mark at the time and I practically ran into the hallway where I saw him at, slowed daunt and slightly sauntered to him and asked, "Hey man, are you Jake the Snake Roberts?"

And he said, "Who wants to know?"

And I said, "the guy who runs the place."

"Yes I am."

I asked what he was drinking and the led to something I never could have imagined. If you haven't seen the Resurrection of Jake Roberts, stop what you're doing and put it on Netflix.

After you see it, I am going to challenge you to get that friend of yours who's still pissed off at you for even liking wrestling... we all had that person growing up... get that person, whether it's your mom, dad, brother, sister, or best friend and MAKE them watch that movie with you. There's a good chance it'll change their attitude."

Possible tour of Ireland:

"Ireland will absolutely be in the next tour coming in April of 2018. This year, we're going to start out in Glasgow, where we have a spoken word Q and A on 9th and on the 10th Im going to be doing a DDP Yoga Workshop.

The next day is New Castle, I'll be doing another DDPY workshop. We're off for a few days and then we go to Manchester, Birmingahm, and London.

The bottom line is, all info is at DDPuktour.com and for the workshops and the Q & A's... we just put a special. You by the first ticket (whether workshop, meet and greet, whatever) the second ticket is half price.

A lot of people who do the DDPY program like to share, so this will allow them to bring a friend if they want."

Getting help:

"It's your dad. It changes a lot. My dad, was, not anymore, was a serious alocholic. I think that's one of the reasons I helped Jake so much, because I could and he'd listen.

Scott coming in, he just felt so horrible he would do anything he could do to get out of the pain, and Scott's had his moments too. But Jake has done amazing. He didn't want to be that guy anymore, he didn't want to be a disappointment and the shame.

So there has to be that switch inside someone that really makes them want to change. Every day I get someone, somewhere, asking me to help someone. And what I do is, I've created this thing I called 'the List.'

And the list, you have to work at it. You have to take pictures, all the tracking stuff. You have to watch movies, lectures... it's a structure. You have to watch Resurrection of Jake the Snake, and see that it is possible. So you can have that knowledge.

So, when you're dealing with someone who is a serious alcoholic who's dealing with the situation your dad as... you gotta listen to the inner voice in your head that controls your life. Look at Jake, he REALLY wanted to change. Scott did, but he didn't want it the same way, and that is why he continues with the journey, so to speak.

Everyone is different, and everyone gets into this story that they tell themselves, and for some reason that's real. What they don't understand is that if you go the other way... if you say you can or can't, you're right. If you say you can't, you're right every time. If you say I'm going to, or I can, you eventually will."

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