Deaner Teases The Idea Of Violent By Design Getting Gold Outside Of IMPACT Wrestling

Deaner is enjoying the chance to show new sides of his personality.

Cody Deaner for a long time was a comedy character in IMPACT Wrestling. However, he is now spreading his wings as a member of Violent By Design and is currently one-half of the IMPACT Tag Team champions.

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Speaking with Denise Salcedo for The Sportster, Deaner explains the pairing of Violent By Design and why he feels he fits in that pairing, deciding that now is the best time to take a chance on his career.

"I'd heard that there was potentially going to be a group kind of forming and revolving around Eric Young, who has been my friend for over twenty years. He actually had a hand in training me. But nothing was set in stone and I kinda got the creative juices flowing and decided this was something that I wanted to be a part of. It's time to evolve and the time is now. So I pitched the entire thing, how the transformation could happen, what it would look like and we ran with it. The group name was come up with, by myself, Eric Young, and the guys in the group. The creative process has been super fun and super satisfying because it's our baby. We're creating what people are seeing right now so I couldn't be more proud of what we're coming up with and what we're presenting to the wrestling fans at this point in time.

"I've known Eric Young for over 20 years, I was there in Joe Doering's very first week of wrestling school, and I've been wrestling for over a decade with Rhino in the independent scene so us four guys we're not random people put together, we're guys that want to be working together, want to perform together, want to come up with creative ideas together and we do that and it's super satisfying, because now not only are these guys close friends of mine, but now we're professional friends as well because our careers are dependent of one another. We rely on each other now."

Of course, IMPACT has working relationships with AEW and NJPW. Because of that, Deaner has teased the idea of the group getting gold outside of their home promotion.

"There's more gold to be had in IMPACT Wrestling and there's more gold to be had in other companies. The fact that this forbidden door is now open with New Japan Pro Wrestling, with AEW, Eric Young said it himself right on television after we won these belts, he said that VBD is taking over and this world belongs to us and it's not just gonna be in IMPACT Wrestling, now that that Forbidden Door is open VBD might just have to kick it wide open."

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