Dezmond Xavier Wins GFW Super X Cup

X-Division star Desmond Xavier scored a big win on Thursday night, winning GFW's Super X Cup Finals.

Defeating Ishimori, Xavier won the tournament that also included ACH, Davey Richards, Drago among others. You can see an excerpt from our live coverage below.

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Taiji Ishimori vs. Desmond Xavier 
Super X Cup Finals

Both wrestlers trade takedowns. The two men run around the ring leapfrogging each other until Xavier hits a dropkick. Ishimori then does a big hurricanrana and Xavier rolls out of the ring. Ishimori connects with the knee and Ishimori then stands on top of Xavier. Ishimori locks Xavier's body with his legs. Ishimori goes for a pin but it goes for two. Ishimori chops Xavier hard. Ishimori goes for a shoulder block and then springboards himself to Xavier. Double knees from Ishimori but Xavier gets a pin attempt, but Ishimori kicks out.

Ishimori and Xavier trade strikes for a little bit. Xavier goes for a flurry of strikes and then hits a cutter. Xavier lands several big strikes and then a standing corkscrew moonsault. Xavier goes for the pin but Ishimori kicks out. The two finalist trade strikes again and Xavier goes to the top rope. Ishimori gets out of the way and then lands a single leg drop kick. Ishimori then lands a springboard drop kick. Ishimori drops Xavier's chest onto Ishimori's knees. Ishimori goes for a 450 splash, but Xavier kicks out. Xavier manages to hit his finisher and wins the Super X Cup.

Result: Desmond Xavier pins Taiji Ishimori to win the Super X Cup

Xavier is presented with the Super X Cup trophy and said he's coming for the X Division champion. 

You can see our full coverage at this link. 

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