Diamond Dallas Page Pens Letter To Himself Recounting Career

Diamond Dallas Page has dipped his toes into a little bit of everything. Wrestling, managing, acting, DDP Yoga. This week, he published a letter to himself.

 The WWE Hall of Famer and multiple time world champion wrote for The Players Tribune -- an outlet comprised solely of athletes. You can see an excerpt from the beginning of the letter below.

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Dear Page Joseph Falkinburg,


Everything starts with a bang.

No, seriously: a bang. A fucking car crash.

It’s the winter of 1968, in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, and you’re 12 years old and you’re running late for the bus. Well, technically — you’re running early. You and your friend Stan will have this thing, back in the day, where the two of you will try to catch the bus early to school.

See, normally, the bus will only pick up kids on the side streets, later in its route. But you guys’ll have it figured — that if you cut through early, and flag down the bus on Route 88, then you can take it the whole way instead of having to walk to the pickup. There are two huge upsides here: One, less walking in the cold. And two, the longer you’re on the bus, the more time there is to flirt with girls, and joke around with your friends — you know, before the boring part of school has to start.

The Players' Tribune also included DDP's AWA tryout video, and a voiceover of his conversation with Dusty Rhodes. DDP recounts several highlights of his career, from getting started to working in the AWA, to WCW, to his feud with Randy Savage, winning the WCW title, and a severe back injury. Check it out at this link.

You can see DDP December 8-11th at Steel City Comic Con, and check out his DDP Yoga program at this link. He'll also be on next year's Chris Jericho Rock n' Wrestling Rager at Sea.

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