Disco Inferno: A Lot Of Women's Wrestlers Are Good Talkers

Disco Inferno spoke recently on Impact's Press Pass Podcast about a variety of topics in the wrestling world. You can hear the full podcast, or read his transcript over at Wrestling Epicenter.

The appeal of female wrestling right now:
"A lot of these female performers are very strong on the mic. A lot of wrestling fans are attracted to verbal altercations. If you have two characters that could believably have a fight, you build up to a fight for people to come and watch it. That is how this business has always worked. That is another part of this (the women's revolution) is that a lot of these girls are good talkers. Why not go against other good talkers on the show?"

On being called Disco Inferno by Scarlett on Impact:
"That's fine. I'm kind of married to it. In Impact, back in the Asylum years, I was Glenn Gilbertti in Sports Entertainment Xtreme. So, in the Impact universe, I'm still Glenn Gilbertti."

On his segment's popularity from Impact with Scarlett and the former bosses backstage:
"There are a lot of people that don't like me. They don't like me and they will come after me online and that, honestly, does not bother me. I just want to be myself. So, I was just surprised by the amount of positive reactions from the fans. I thought they were going to stay true to themselves because I say bad things about women's wrestling, that they were going to bury me. I was very surprised that a lot of people put over the stuff that I've been doing (on Impact)."