DJZ Explains What Happened Backstage After Sexy Star/Rosemary Incident

GFW wrestler DJZ explained what happened after the Sexy Star-Rosemary fatal four-way match last month.  

In a video, which can be seen above, DJZ gives his own version of the incident where Sexy Star applied a shoot armbar on Rosemary at TripleMania 25, which took place on August 26. DJZ said GFW and AAA officials were having a shouting match over the incident and that Sexy Star's actions had no place in wrestling today.

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Sexy Star's match was right before my match so as I was getting ready to come through the curtain, I saw Rosemary walk past me very aggressively. There wasn't like smiles or good vibes. She walked past me looking pretty angry and Andrew Everett, my tag team partner, is actually her boyfriend and he seemed pretty concerned about her reaction. He wanted to congratulate her on a great match, a great performance and she was not having any of it. She walked past him, walked past me, went straight to the locker room so I knew there was a problem.

When I got backstage after my match, there was a lot of tension in the room. Global Force officials, AAA officials [were having] a bit of a shouting match and I wasn't sure what the problem was. As I saw Rosemary holding her arm with an ice pack, I started to think, 'Whatever they're screaming about must have something to do with her.' Apparently, Sexy Star went into business for herself, applied a legit cross arm-breaker to Rosemary and injured her. I talked to Rosemary before the match and she did not tell me of any issues she had with Sexy Star, so I can't understand why Sexy Star would target Rosemary and go out of his way to injure her.

Wrestling's weird sometimes. I hear there is a lot of egos and drama with the girls down in Mexico, so who knows what was going through Sexy Star's mind in that moment, but straight up, it was wrong. It had no place in wrestling and she shouldn't have done that. We're trusting each other with our bodies and she's not expecting Sexy Star to legitimately torque on that arm. She's not protecting herself in the same way she would protect himself in MMA. She's giving her arm so for [Sexy Star] to legitimately injure her, it's wrong on so many levels. That type of behavior has no place in wrestling, especially in 2017 where we have social media and people speak their minds and voice their opinions.

It was great seeing the wrestling community rally behind Rosemary, take her side and let her know that Sexy Star's actions will not be tolerated and will not be accepted in wrestling in 2017. As you can see, she's getting blackballed, removed from several events. Karma man, can't act like that in wrestling anymore, maybe back in the way, you could get away with it but in 2017, it's got no place.

DJZ and Everett tagged together as Team GFW, challenging for the AAA World Tag Team Championship, which was won by Monster Clown and Murder Clown, members of the stable Los Psycho Circus. Sexy Star retained her AAA Reina de Reinas title in the fatal four-way match that involved Rosemary, but has since been stripped of the title.

Sexy Star recently released a long letter on social media in Spanish explaining what happened. The English translation can be viewed at this link.

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