Dolph Ziggler On Political Aspirations: 'It's More Fun To Be A Pundit And Make Fun Of Everyone'

Dolph Ziggler says while he will be involved in politics one way or another after his wrestling career, it's much more fun for him to be the guy calling people out on their lies.

Oddly enough, there are several examples of wrestlers transitioning into politics after their careers are done. Most famously, Jesse Ventura was the governor of Minnesota and Kane is currently the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

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Dolph Ziggler is somebody who has openly shown an interest in politics through the years. Recently, he was a guest on Andrew Yang’s podcast. Yang was a democratic presidential candidate and had openly spoken out against the independent contractor label on WWE Superstars.

As for whether or not Dolph Ziggler is looking to enter the political space when he is retired, he tells Ryan Satin on Out of Character that years ago, he was definitely considering running for office but these days, he is more interested in just being a pundit and commenting from the sidelines.

I mean, I'm really interested in it. I feel like it's way more fun to be the pundit and make fun of all of those politicians who say something one day and then totally say something different than the next administration or even the next day. So it's way more fun to kind of zing those people. Because, I really, up until about five years ago, wanted to definitely make that happen long term and I will be involved one way or another, but it's way more fun to try and be a pundit and just make fun of everybody lying every day, just to call them on it and so you got to call people on their stuff once in a while."

There you have it. It doesn't sound like we'll be talking about Nick Nemeth for mayor anytime soon.

Elsewhere on the same podcast, Dolph Ziggler opened up about his relationship with Vince McMahon. Learn more about that here.

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