Dolph Ziggler Thinks Not Taking Time Off Has Hurt His Legacy

Dolph Ziggler has interesting thoughts about his legacy. 

For over a decade, Ziggler has become a staple on WWE television. He's accomplished it all in the organization, winning the World Heavyweight Title, Intercontinental Title, and United States Title. He currently holds the Raw Tag Team Titles with Drew McIntyre. Despite being one of the most accomplished WWE wrestlers of his era, he's not looked at as one of the greats.

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Speaking to Inside The Ropes on a media call, Ziggler offered insight as to why he believes his legacy has been hurt.

"The weirdest thing has never been being able to go away for a little bit. We're a little spoiled because we have me at all times, on all shows, doing media, the live events, the overseas tours," said Ziggler. "To where, someone like the Miz goes away for a couple months at a time to do movies or MTV stuff. Jericho goes away 8 - 10 months a year. Undertaker you see once or twice a year, sometimes four times. When you see me consistently for 10 years, every single day, it's unfair because you don't long to see me back in the ring. I've always thought that there should be some way for me to leave for a little bit and do some other things. But I don't like missing a day of work. Not being injured and not going away has left away from my legacy; people begging to see me."

Ziggler is currently enjoying a career revitalization next to McIntyre and Braun Strowman. But, according to the man himself, not much has changed in how he's performed in the ring. He's just finally running with someone who has the same vision and drive as he does. 

"Nothing's different about what I'm doing. I still do the same work. I still produce the exact same stamina, education, psychology, everything you can think of. It just so happens that -- and this sounds like a wrestling promo but it's not -- I've had people in my corner before," said Ziggler. "I've had managers before. I've also lost 99 percent of my matches without making myself or the show better. There's no fire lit under me. There's someone watching my back. Sometimes it's behind the scenes, but I'm not a legacy. My daddy didn't get me the job. No one put a good word in for me. All I did was work harder than everyone else, especially for someone my size, to get here. When I did, I said, 'I'm gonna give them every excuse that they need me on this roster every day.' Now, factor in having someone that has your back and has realistic concerns for the roster that involve you. That has never in my career, even behind the scenes...when you see the two of us doing what we do, it's impossible to deny."

Ziggler and McIntyre aligned on the Apr. 16 edition of Raw during the Superstar Shake-up. Since then, the two have run roughshod over the Raw roster. On Sept. 3 they plant their flag in the ground next to Strowman, aiding him against the Shield. 

You can listen to the full interview with Ziggler in the video above. 

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