Doudrop On Finding Out About Her Call-Up To The Main Roster, Moving To The United States

Doudrop talks about moving to the United States of America and how she learned she would be moving to Monday Night Raw.

Piper Niven was one of the top stars in NXT UK and although she never received a chance to run with the NXT UK Women's Championship, Piper had been in contention for the championship throughout the majority of the brand’s existence. In June 2021, she moved over to Monday Night Raw and assumed the stage name of Doudrop, the protege of Eva Marie.

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In order to properly facilitate this move, Doudrop had to move from Scotland to the United States of America. Any move can be stressful and a lot to handle but the move from one continent to another and everything that entails can be a real challenge.

Speaking to Sean Ross Sapp, Doudrop explained how, despite the challenging nature of the move, she has enjoyed the learning experience of coming to America.

"It’s been a real whirlwind. Every day is something new. Even just moving country, from Scotland to America and then moving into Florida itself is a massive change. Things are just so different. But, then to be moving from NXT UK to the main roster in itself is such a huge change that every day I’m like, ‘Wow, this is a lot.’ But, it’s been really fun and it’s all a learning experience and I’m really, really enjoying myself."

As far as receiving the actual phone call that you do move in from NXT UK to the main branch of WWE, Doudrop, as many of her predecessors have been receiving similar phone calls, assumed that it was merely a joke and was overjoyed to learn that she would be moving to WWE’s longest-running program, Monday Night Raw.

"I actually was in my living room and I was just getting ready to leave to go and do some training with some friends and I got the call. All I heard was the words, ‘You’re moving to the main roster,’ and then everything after that was [high pitched tone]. ‘Cause I was like, ‘Uh… Are you sure?’ So, it was like March 1st and I was like, ‘Did I hear the date wrong? Is this April Fools? ‘Cause, that’d be really cruel, don’t do this to me.’ They’re like, ‘No, no, no. Get ready, you have to move real soon.’ ‘Oh, okay, sweet. I’ll go pack a bag. Bye.’"

She continued, "It was really great, obviously. It was really difficult ‘cause I wanted to basically stay off Twitter, stay off social media. ‘Cause, this is the thing I thought, ‘Oh, just play it really smart and post in UK time.’ But all I posted about back home was my dog, food, and Scotland and none of those things are the same in Florida. So, I have nothing to talk about. I’m just going to close."

Elsewhere in the interview, Doudrop spoke about her relationship with Vince McMahon and Eva Marie end credits a new NXT star with helping her adjust to life in America. Learn more here.

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