Dr. David Schultz Says John Stossel Faked His Injuries

Despite an in-ring career that extended over 15 years, "Dr. D" David Schultz is best remembered for being the guy who slapped around John Stossel in an effort to prove wrestling's legitimacy.

The situation led to Schultz being fired from the WWF, but he's long maintained that he was instructed to take the shot by Vince McMahon. Schultz is steadfast in that claim, even today. When appearing on a recent episode of the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, Schultz recalled the incident that caused him to live in infamy.

“I did what I was told to do. Vince McMahon told me to blast him and tear his ass up and to stay in character and be Dr. D. When I went out that door I did not know who John Stossel was. I made John Stossel (because) nobody knew who John Stossel was and after that night and that TV show and after all the whining and crying this guy did, crying like a baby he goes on Barbara Walters saying he (Schultz) beat me up. But John Stossel last year on a TV show said his injuries were neurosomatic. That means that after he got his money he didn't hurt anymore. On his deposition he said he had permanent ear damage and the doctors at Madison Square Garden didn't see damage on his ears at all. I didn't touch his ears and if you slow down the tapes you will see that I did not touch his ears. He complained and whined and went to his brother and his brother was one of the doctors that checked him and his brother said he had permanent ear damage and he will always have it. Do you think that your brother is going to lie for you? I do. So the commission doctors didn't know what they were talking about when they said he had no damage? People just haven't read the whole story and they haven't dug deep enough. Vince McMahon paid him $425,000 without asking me anything, without going to court and John Stossel never sued me. That is a misconception because I was never arrested for anything or was charged with anything, Vince McMahon was. Vince McMahon than comes back and sues me for the $425,000 he gave this little wimp and now I have to fight Vince McMahon who is a well known billionaire and I just want to tell everybody out there..do not fight a billionaire unless you are a billionaire."

You can check out Schultz's full interview with the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast at this link. Thanks to Chad and John for the transcript.

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