Dr. Tom Prichard Recalls Training Vince McMahon For His Stone Cold Steve Austin Match

Dr. Tom Prichard appeared on the latest X-Pac 12360 Podcast to discuss working as a trainer. You can see the full podcast at this link, and submitted highlights below.

Dr. Tom Pritchard Talks About Training Vince McMahon For His First Match Against Stone Cold Steve Austin

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The first match with Austin, I’d be there with Vince and he would want to train at 11 o’clock at night. He would come to the ring… we would lock up and would do hold for hold, and we would do stuff and he would try to throw some punches….It was the first match he had ever been into and I thought well ‘Holy christ this is interesting’... We measured how far the table was from the ring in the studio, because he was gonna take the bump on the table off the cage, we practiced it, we put the bump pads down, practiced it and practiced it and he got it right in the studio and then we he took the bump in the match , if you notice he bounces and he bruised his back pretty good on that one but he didn't shy away from it man.


Dr. Tom Pritchard Talks About Which Wrestler Surprised Him The Most:

One of the guys that I was really happy for and impressed with was Tyler Breeze, because he came in; he’s one of these guys, such a nice kid, and when you're too nice you know what happens and that's kinda what was happening to him until he came up with this gimmick and I was surprised that they let him do the gimmick and I was surprised that they let him do what he’s done with it. Just because I thought they were moving away from that. The rest of the guys like {Seth} Rollins and {Dean} Ambrose and Roman Reigns, I mean you could see it when those guys were there.

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