Drew McIntyre And Dolph Ziggler Win Raw Tag Team Titles From B Team

The Raw tag team division has new kings.

Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler captured the Raw Tag Team Titles on Monday, ending the reign of the B Team. Here's the finish to the bout courtesy of Fightful's live coverage:

Axel cleans house against the opposing team, Axel catches Ziggler with a Perfect Plex for a near fall on him. McIntyre throws Dallas into the ring post after attacks Axel, Ziggler then nails Axel with a super kick. McIntyre tags in and McIntyre and Ziggler nail Axel with their finisher for the three count.

McIntyre and Ziggler inserted themselves into the match when they took out The Revival backstage prior to their scheduled title bout. The duo demanded competition from Acting General Manager Baron Corbin following the arrest of the Shield earlier in the night.

The B Team won the titles on June 15 at Extreme Rules, defeating the Deleter of Worlds to kick off their underdog reign.

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