Drew McIntyre is ready to challenge Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania should the opportunity arise.

Speaking to TV Insider, McIntyre revealed that a match with Lesnar has been in his mind for quite some time.

"If I won the Rumble, it’s the same guy I’ve had in mind for years. I’d fight Brock Lesnar in a second," he said. "A lot of people on the roster genuinely wouldn’t want to get in the ring with him. They are terrified of the idea. I want to get in the ring with him. I know we could put on a heck of a spectacle and a fight. There aren’t many who can stand toe-to-toe with me. That’s someone I definitely want. He gets this criticism that he doesn’t show up to work all the time and this and that. The way I look at it, he was offered the contract. He signed the contract. It’s not his fault. The only problem I have is the title is not on the shows and live events. We need the title back. I have no personal issues with him. Who wouldn't sign that contract? I just want that opportunity to get the title back on Raw because it belongs on the shows and live events."

Drew McIntyre also comments on a potential WrestleMania with the Undertaker.

"If it was possible to have that singles match with The Undertaker, it would be a huge moment for me. I know we can give them an incredible match," he began. "I know just based on that face-off we had and the response we got, I know visually it would be impressive. I know in-ring wise I can help him The Undertaker match he deserves and the fans deserve."

You can read the full interview at this link.