Drew McIntyre: I Wanted To Find A Balance Between WWE And My Family, I Feel Comfortable With It Now

Drew McIntyre offers more insight into re-signing with WWE.

On April 27, The Rock announced that former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre had re-signed with WWE. His contract was up in a matter of weeks, but he and the company reached a new deal.

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Speaking with Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Drew McIntyre commented on re-signing with WWE and looked forward to WWE Clash at the Castle in Scotland. He highlighted the sacrifices that international WWE talents and their families make. He opened up about how hard it is to deal with. The former WWE Champion then described how he has found a way where he can give to WWE and his family as well.

"It's the hardest thing that I've had to deal with. This was always the dream since I was a kid - make it to WWE, and honestly, I'd never truly considered, oh yeah, you have to move to America, until I got signed. I was talking about this earlier during an interview, and I did all the work, I had the self-belief. I was like, I'm going to be the first ever Scottish person signed directly from Scotland to WWE, and I finally did it. I had the contract in my hand and I went wait - I have to move to America and taking that into account and I'm so close with my family, so close with my mother, it was very hard to be away. But they were so encouraging, kept pushing me forward, keep chasing the dream. When you're young, you can put yourself in that mode of just work, work, work. When I was a kid - work, work, work, party, party, party. You don't think too much, but years can slip by real quickly, and I'd get home maybe once a year during that period. It wasn't enough, but over these past few years, I've grown up a lot more, I started thinking a lot more about back home and seeing people not with us anymore, like my mom, and my dad getting older, and my brother having my nephews, two kids, and seeing how big they get, I realize - I want to be working on my dream, I don't want to give that up, but at the same time I want to be home more, I want to try to find that balance cause that's where I'm at in my life now and thankfully, thanks to Nick Khan and Triple H and WWE, we got there, where I feel comfortable with my family and my wife and I feel comfortable, I'm gonna be able to give to the company and give to my family at the same time," McIntyre said.

McIntyre was then asked whether he ever reached a point where he considered leaving WWE. He stated that he never considered this outcome. McIntyre emphasized that WWE was where he wanted to wrestle, and he and his family decided what was best for them.

"It was never a consideration, no. I'm wrestling with the WWE, I don't think...in the sense that, what, am I gonna go wrestle somewhere else? Because this is where I want to wrestle. I don't want to be anywhere else but our family has gone through a lot over the past year. My wife's sister unfortunately passed a year ago yesterday. That was very difficult, and I felt like I'm gonna have to take some serious time for my family. There was a period where I was like, maybe I'll just have to take a little break and come back and you know, just some uncertainty but no, thankfully as a family we came together, WWE gave me the time I needed whenever I needed it during that period. In the end, you know, as a family, we came together, we had a conversation, what was best for us, the company were unbelievable with that and thankfully, everybody is in a great place right now," McIntyre said.

Drew McIntyre previously discussed re-signing with WWE and said that he was not going anywhere. Check out his comments here.

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