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Here is your fight size update for Thursday, September 23, 2021.

- Speaking with Eat, Sleep Suplex Retweet, Drew McIntyre explains that he is not jumping to challenge Big E for the WWE Championship because he is just so happy that one of the nicest people on Earth has reached the mountaintop.

WWE Raw Women's Title Match Set For 11/1 WWE Raw

Everybody's close to Big E, he's the world's nicest man. Yeah, I'm one of them. I'm all for him. I mean, I've tried not to say too much, probably, because technically, I have been waiting for Lashley to lose the title, so I can instantly challenge for it. But I'm gonna let Big E have his moment, mostly, too, because I, like everybody else on planet Earth, am genuinely happy for him. Sometimes the good guys do win and he's the nicest guy in the world. He is such an incredible athlete, and he's paid his dues, so it's really cool to see them have that title and have that moment.

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- Seth Rollins reveals Mount Dripmore while speaking with Steve Austin in a preview clip for this week's Broken Skull Sessions.

- Speaking with WrestleZone, Matt Taven explained why he will take time to enjoy his next ROH World Title reign, should he have one.

“When it’s over and it’s gone, it’s a craving, it’s an addiction, it’s a drug that you just can’t get enough of. And you’re like, you can’t take that from me, not now, I’m just getting used to it. You know what I mean — give that back to me. So it’s like one of those things that I feel I will always, always in Ring of Honor be striving to get back to the top, to get back to the world title scene because there’s nothing like it. I was so determined and focus that I really had no opportunity to kinda enjoy it that much. So I think I’ll always be looking for that, to go back and to do it and again and this time maybe out a smile on my face sometimes when I walk out to that crowd and just kinda take it in for a second because when it’s gone, it’s the first thing that you want, is you want it back.”

- Here's the full video version of Friends of New Day react to Big E’s WWE Title win: The New Day: Feel the Power

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(Entire Transcript)
When you put so much into your work it becomes you. You invest your #body, your #soul

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The #money. (Consumed you)
The #women. (Infatuated you)
The #ego. (Engulfed you)

Is your creator truly an omnipotent being? Eyes of fire a stature brandished in bronze? Or is your creator simply a man?

Men lie. Men persuade. Men are greedy and Men betray those no longer serve their #purpose.

Being #betrayed is not the worst thing that can happen.

The smaller you feel, only means the larger you can become.

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- Here are some post-show highlights for NXT UK today.

- Rickey Shane Page reflects on wrestling for AEW in Arthur Ashe Stadium.

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- Here's some new programming info for WWE regarding Extreme Rules Sunday.

- RJ City has named his price.

- When the market closed today, WWE stock was trading at $55.78 per share.

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